JLD Dragon 吉龍糖

Before going back to my hotel I wanted to grab a drink. I spotted what honestly I thought was a Tiger Sugar across the street and decided maybe I should compare it to the ones that opened in Korea. But it wasn’t a Tiger Sugar, it was a milk tea shop (and bakery) called JLD Dragon.


The JLD stands for Ji Long Tang. I figured I would order another brown sugar milk tea. And it turns out it was a good thing I did. Because JLD Dragon is considered one of the top ten places to get brown sugar milk tea in Taiwan. It’s a chain so it can be found in many places, not even just in Taiwan.


JLD Dragon claims a couple of different fresh qualities. Like “hand-fired brown sugar” (a long process) and hand made (cooked) tapioca pearls that get tossed out after two hours.  It was quite good.


Plus, like the one I had at Tiger Sugar in South Korea the brown sugar was warm and needed to be shaken to mix. It was very good and I think between JLD Dragon and Tiger Sugar I’m completely spoiled when it comes to good tapioca pearls.


As a note, they however do not have any seating at the location I went to.

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