Chick Peace 칙 피스

I met up with Jess to wander around the Garosugil area. I had a cafe I wanted to visit and though we were meeting after 2pm neither of us had had lunch, so she suggested a place nearby called Chick Peace. Chick Peace is a vegan/ vegetarian and omnivore/carnivore friendly restaurant that focuses on Mediterranean foods.


I ordered their cheeseburger pita (치즈 버거 8,500 won) which had a huge piece of fried cheese that had a lovely crunch to it and a lot of veggies. However, the pita was quite stuffed with different ingredients that seemed to be layered by section. This meant the flavors weren’t incorporated throughout. It actually worked in my favor because one side of the pita was drenched in a spicy sauce that I could not eat. But because it was only on one side of the sandwich I was able to eat 90% of my pita.


I also ordered their 100% real lemonade which came in a pitcher with a little sprig of mint. (5,000 won) It was quite good and definitely real. It was very sour and it wasn’t just Sprite or Cider masquerading around as lemonade which is what most restaurants in Korea will give you.


It was very nice. I think it’s a perfect spot for a group with different dietary restrictions. They also sell hummus, salads, falafel, shawarma, rice dishes, things with pita and things without. There’s plenty of options that I’m sure you’ll find something you like.


Chick Peace is open daily from 11:30 am until 10pm. If you have any dietary restrictions, allergies, or are vegan let them know when you order so they can make your food separately.

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