Aori ramen 아오리의행방불명

Sometimes when I think of ramen I think of those individual little cubicles in Japan where you can go and eat by yourself and not look at anyone else. There’s walls on your right, and your left and window in front of you that sometimes slides up and that’s where the server will place the food you ordered. There’s something about that that I find relaxing. I like the idea that I can just dig into my food without really talking to anymore or seeing anyone. It’s something I’ve wanted to try. I figured I’d try it sometime in Japan but turns out I tried it in Korea.


A friend of mine loves ramen, a lot, and we found Aori ramen while wandering around Garosugil and it ended up being that nice kind of solo dining ramen shop that I’ve been wanting to try.


We ended up there kinda late, close to last order and it was super empty. Though after doing some searching that may actually be due to scandal. I was unaware that the chain was owned by Seungri, a member of the band BIGBANG. It seems it’s no longer owned by him and he no longer owns stock in the company but it seems Burning Sun still has its affects on the chain.

We looked over the menu which didn’t have a lot on it, placed our orders then rang the bell. We put our stuff in the cabinet above our seats and waited.  They really only offer one type of ramen, but it’s pretty good. I got that and a sprite.


The restaurant we went to in Garosu-gil is open from 11:30am until 9:30pm with last order at 9:00pm. There are still several locations, however, you may want to double check that the one you want to go to is still actually open.

I probably won’t go back to the chain. I did like the food and I liked the atmosphere, but now that I know who created the chain…I don’t feel comfortable going there. I know it’s no longer owned by him and they’re trying to start fresh, but I only have a couple months left in Korea so I’ll eat at other ramen shops.

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