Salad Stop! 샐러드스탑

After wandering around City Hall with a friend, checking out the observatory and the Seoul Metropolitan library, it was time for lunch. I was quite hungry. While wandering around we stumbled upon Salad Stop! which is as the same suggests a salad restaurant. You can either order one of their funny named (sometimes punny: Cheaper than a facial, bay watch, oh crab lah!) salad specials or make your own, or even have your salad turned into a wrap. I decided to go for a cobb salad wrap after finding an English menu. (You can ask for one at the cashier). I’ve included a picture of the English menu from November 2019. You can also create your own salad or wrap.


It was delicious but not the easiest to eat. It was messy so I highly suggest if you get one of their wraps to make sure you still get a fork and a napkin.  But it was also so good. I’ve never loved a cobb salad so much. In my Cobb wrap was: romaine, cherry tomatoes, red onions, grated egg, cheddar, avocado, roasted chicken, bacon bits, and ranch. It was a bit expensive though at 12,000 won.


Salad stop! is a chain that can be found in several places like: Hong Kong, Indonesia, Japan, Korea, Malaysia,  Philippines, Singapore, Spain, and Vietnam. The chain originated in Singapore.  In Korea they are open from 7am until 9pm on Monday’s through Fridays. On Saturdays they do not open until 11am and close at 6pm. However when I went on a Saturday the doors were unlocked and we were allowed in at 11:40 am but were told they didn’t open until noon. Their Facebook says 11, but please keep this in mind. They are also closed on Sundays.

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