After leaving the Opéra Garnier I had plans to switch from the red line to the blue line. But I had noticed near the Opéra Garnier stop a Lindt. Lindt isn’t French, it’s Swiss but I’d never seen a physical shop for one before. I made sure to pop in and buy some chocolates that were French inspired (macaroon and crème brûlée) to take home and try. And then when I realized I’d missed the next bus to take me to my transfer I got in line at the cafe and got myself a sundae.


The sundae on the menu showed ice cream with Lindt chocolate syrup in either dark or regular, and chocolate squares.


For some reason I ended up with a white chocolate square which was less exciting since it was plain vanilla ice cream. The syrup that runs like a fountain and they use for chocolate shots and hot chocolate melted on contact with the ice cream and hardened like a rock making it difficult to eat since I had planned to hurry and eat before the next bus came. I wanted to kill the 15 minutes between buses with something nice, but I didn’t want to be there so late that I’d be unable to ride the full blue course.

I think if you really like Lindt chocolate it’s well worth popping in, or even if you want some souvenirs. They sell small bon bons and you can fill up a bag of different kinds which was a popular thing that people did. There was even a bar in the back where you could make your own bar. I decided instead to just buy pre-made bars and try their ice cream. It’s also rather popular and busy so give yourself more than ten minutes.


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