Seoul Opera Restaurant

Yeah, you read that title correctly. I left Korea to go to Paris and still ended up eating Korean food. While in Paris I’d gotten a couple messages requesting a meet up. Due to my short period of time in Paris I figured before my late afternoon flight would be perfect, but the request turned into a “How about Korean style dinner?”. I got this request while on my hop on hop off bus, while I was on the blue line. I agreed because I hadn’t eaten anything substantial since lunch and meat sounded good. Plus it’d be interesting to see what Paris had to offer in regards to Korean food. I mean how much more bread could I eat. (All of it. I’m always down for French Pastries. Who am I kidding?)


The restaurant seemed to be a catch all. They served warm sake (Japanese fermented rice alcohol) which you usually don’t have in Korea. They also had almost everything I can eat in Korea all in one shop. From Korean bbq to bibimbap, to jokbal and kimbap. There was a lot of options. We ended up getting bbq. To my surprise beef was cheaper than pork. In Korea it’s the opposite. It still wasn’t cheap. It was about 20 Euros per serving which was painful. And the sake wasn’t cheap either. It also wasn’t a lot of food. There were some good 반찬 ( Banchan: side dishes), but with that painful price that I’m not use to I was a bit less excited for my actual food which was a bit sweet and marinated as if it was bulgogi.


I think if you’re wanting Korean food and stuck in France it’s not bad. But only if you’re really really wanting it. There’s so many options that I’m sure you could find something better within your budget.

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