Galleries Lafayette

I had breakfast plans at a nearby Starbucks. I just didn’t know which Starbucks because the plan was to meet around 10am near the Opera. But the minutes passed in the cold eventually getting too cold, so I started heading into the nearest mall which was my hypothesis for where the Starbucks was figuring I could at least get us a table.


It took awhile within the Galleries Lafayette to find the Starbucks. It was a tiny one more like a kiosk then a full one and without any available seating. It did however have a beautiful stained glass ceiling that you could get in line to walk over a glass walkway to get a better picture of. It was absolutely stunning. But after getting the pictures and still having no word from the person I was suppose to meet I gave up and went to another cafe in the mall, Angelina’s for breakfast.



This was my second stunning Starbucks. There was another beautiful one near the Opera with tall blue painted ceilings. It was busy and dirty but the decor was stunning. It can be found at: 26 avenue de l Opera75001 Paris.

After breakfast at Angelina’s I saw signs pointing to the terrace. I followed them and found myself on the roof overlooking Paris. It was super windy so I don’t suggest wearing a hat or having anything loose on you that could and will get whisked away but I had a beautiful view which included the Eiffel Tower and the Opera. And best of all it’s free. The terrace is located on the 7th floor.

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