Lucky Tacos

Before I left Okinawa I decided I needed to have tacos one more time. I was up for taco rice or just plain tacos. I knew I wouldn’t have a chance to have anything like it again until I was back in the States. I knew that the taco rice I’d had at the aquarium probably wasn’t the best Okinawa had to offer so I wandered around in search of something better. While in the market I saw a sign for Lucky Tacos that led up to the second floor.


I grabbed a seat at the bar and looked over their menu. They serve tacos and taco rice as well as peanut tofu and (of course) a limited selection of Blue Seal ice cream .

Even though I wanted to compare the taco rice at a specialty restaurant with the one I’d had at the aquarium I decided instead to go for the tacos. I got two sio tacos (salt tacos) with salsa for 600 yen and a ginger ale for 400 yen.

My postcards waiting to be sent behind the tacos with the ginger ale to the right.

Generally I’m a bit nervous about salsa since my spice tolerance is very low. But the salsa wasn’t spicy at all and I really enjoyed it. (I think they do have spicy salsa you can ask for) The shell seemed to be deep fried and had a fun crunchy texture. I really loved it. You can also get extra toppings like avocado, shiiquasa (shikuwasa) or lime.

Lucky Tacos is open from 10:30am until 10pm.

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