Cafe Dokoro 카페 도코로 所

After returning from Okinawa it became a very fast count down to when I would say goodbye to Korea. I wanted to fill it with spending time with friends, visiting people and making sure I left no stone unturned so I’d be satisfied when I left. The virus, on the other hand quickly shut down my plans. A friend had mentioned it before I left for Okinawa but the full understanding of what was happening didn’t hit until my last day in Okinawa when the amount of people wearing masks included every person at the airport and every flight attendant. I had spent most of my final day in Okinawa searching for masks that weren’t sold out and was so relieved to find some at the airport.

One thing I wanted to do for sure though almost as soon as I got back was see Mika. I had spent a lot of my time in Okinawa trying to think of a good gift for her for her baby who was due after I’d leave. I hadn’t found a lot in Okinawa that wasn’t clothing which I knew had been covered by her family but I did eventually find something. I did eventually find something. We met for breakfast in Itaewon and then retired to a cute cafe that Mika suggested in the area. It was very bittersweet because while I probably, in normal circumstances, could have seen her more often before I left but with the virus and her approaching due date it meant this was the last time I’d get to see her in person. Which became a theme with the rest of meet ups with my friends. A lot of overwhelming lasts, last long conversations, heartfelt moments over interesting drinks in cute or cozy cafes, last moments of exploring and shared meals, last hugs (the 6ft distance hadn’t sunk for everyone yet, only if you’d been to China recently) and a lot of goodbyes or till we meet agains.

Cafe Dokoro is a rather cute cafe in Itaewon. We sat on the second floor trying to keep a distance between ourselves and the people around us. The stairs were a little narrow and we did have to go down to get our drinks. I was looking at their menu at the counter in Korean and English and saw something that I didn’t understand and figured the only way to understand it was to try it. I ordered lemon milk, which is only available iced.


There isn’t a lot of seating available on the second floor. But there is some and they have large glass windows that allow for a lot of natural lighting. There is some outdoor seating when it’s warmer though.

Their menu varies from teas, coffees, beer and of course unique drinks like this lemon milk which was a bit like a lemon cookie. The lemon seemed to be a  sweetened syrup at the bottom that when mixed with the milk made it like a sweet lemonade filled with cream. The tartness or sourness of the lemon was neutralized. I’m glad I tried it. Even if just for curiosities sake.

Cafe Dokoro is generally open from 10am until 9pm Sunday through Thursday and on Fridays and Saturdays from 10am until 11pm.


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