Cafe MAMMAMIA 카페 맘마미아

With Covid-19 all my plans to explore and get one final journey through Korea went out the window and I spent my final month barely leaving my apartment except for work or to prepare to leave and head stateside. Which in retrospect was probably smarter because it meant I finished packing at a somewhat leisurely pace rather than a mad scramble which I’m sure would’ve happened if I spent all my free time traveling.


One of the cafe’s that I wanted to visit before leaving was recommended by Gina  for their absolutely adorable food and set up. All of their pastries look picture perfect to the point they almost look fake. But they’re not. Just grab a tray and tongs and help yourself. This was very early in February so now I’m actually shocked none of these were behind glass or individually wrapped like many shops in Korea quickly started doing.

I picked out a cute cake then headed to the bar to pick out a drink and pay.


I’ve done the cute Santa drink before and it was February so I wasn’t really feeling it. Instead I went for one of their Vienna Coffee’s and ordered the Almond mocha which was 7,000 won.  From their picture the other specialty was the Pavlova, which I’ve made before, not nearly as fluffy but it’s not my favorite. Pavlova is a crispy crunchy crumble in your mouth meringue. So even though that has some stunning and impressive height to it think of it like cotton candy. It’s gonna crumble and be mostly super sweet stick to your teeth air. Cute though. Also expensive. They asked me where I wanted to sit. Downstairs:


or upstairs:

I picked upstairs. I wanted to enjoy the bright atmosphere and the quiet solitude there was when I arrived. It was nice. I got a number and waited for them to bring up my cake and my drink. Both were picture perfect.


I got a lemon square cake with the cutest fluffy dog on top. The coffee was good. The cream on top was sweet and thick and the coffee flavor was strong which isn’t my favorite but it wasn’t too bitter that I couldn’t enjoy it.

I think Cafe MAMMAMIA  is lovely and well worth a visit, especially for photos or just the cute crisp aesthetic. They do change their menu up for the season. So some of the decorations as well as food options change.

Cafe MAMMAMIA is open from 10am until 11pm daily. You can check out their instagram  for more information and seasonal or new items here.

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