Antique Tacos

Antique Tacos can be found in Wicker park and is a cute little shop for Mexican street food.The shop is filled with a quaint antique style. You pick up your cloth napkins, glasses for water, and silverware up at the front. There are glass jars filled with candies and interesting odds and ends around the restaurant.


We got chips and salsa and my friend got a soda. The wooden spool has a painted number on it and a specific color so that the workers could bring us our food.


I got the pork Carnitas. The tortillas were thicker than I’m use to, possibly homemade but it was messy and delicious. I also ordered a Horchata Milkshake. I absolutely love Horchata and was extremely excited, however I think they may have mixed it up because it tasted like bannana not Horchata.  I’m pretty sure the straw was paper which made the experience very interesting.


Overall the shop is cute and quaint and interesting, but the things I got were not exactly the ‘authentic mexican street fair’ I’m use to, but good in their own unique way.

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