Iguana Cafe

One of my friends got into the next part of an interview process that she’s been super excited for and I’ve been excited to hear about. So the two of us met up to celebrate at the Iguana Cafe. The Iguana Cafe can be found on Halsted. I passed it on my first year in the city and thought it would be a quaint cafe to check out and was surprised when I finally got to check it out. The Iguana Cafe is a  European coffee house and lounge. We met up late in the afternoon and it wasn’t super busy, it had a nice peaceful atmosphere to the point we spent two to three hours eating and sitting and talking, till our waitress changed, the lights dimmed and they switched the menu to the night crowd.


It took us awhile to go through the menu and decide on what we wanted. I got an iced earl grey tea and we decided on the create your own panini option. You can choose your meats, cheeses, vegetables, bread, and sauces. So you can make any combination you’d like. The panini also comes with a small cup of noodles or potato salad.


They also have a create your own kind of crepe. We decided to split one of their own concoctions rather than create our own and spent awhile debating between two. One the almond joy which was Nutella, coconut, and almonds or the sweet bee which was honey, Nutella and banana. We ended up ordering the sweet bee but getting the almond joy.


We had such a good time at the Iguana Cafe, enjoying the food atmosphere and catching up that we’re going to try and go again.

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