Freshii is a restaurant chain of healthy food. I’d never seen one before coming to Chicago, but apparently this chain makes its way around and even to other countries with the idea of fresh healthy food for reasonable prices.


You can order something they already have a set recipe for, or you can create your own. You can grab a little clip board and pick a choice of a salad, bowl, wrap or soup and then you get to pick everything else that goes in it. You check everything you want, give them the paper and then they’ll go about making your concoction.


I went to the one at 17 E. Monroe St. next to the Palmer House, but there are many around Chicago. I decided to make my own and picked a bowl with rice noodles, egg whites, carrots, broccoli, black beans, edamame and sweet teriyaki sauce mixed in. The little chip looking bit was a piece of free bread they had that I didn’t greatly enjoy but didn’t exactly hate either. My bowl was cold because outside of the things that need to be cooked, like egg whites and noodles, everything else was not. So it was essentially like a salad. It wasn’t bad, I enjoyed it, however it was a lot and didn’t exactly refrigerate very well as left overs. I’d been to Freshii one other time with a friend who had ordered something spicy and had gone before me and the item I got ended up being spicy because of hers. That didn’t happen this time at this location, so things might have changed or they may have improved their policies.


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