The hostel I stayed at was between two parks. The one my classmates, teachers, and I frequented was Letna. One of our teachers packed a baseball bat and softballs with him and one of our classmates purchased a frisbee at Dvaadvacítka which was a few doors down from  our hostel. Dvaadvacítka or 22 is right next to the stadium and sells frisbee’s, kites, hammocks, and tons of other outdoor toys or games which is perfect since they’re right next to the park.

We spent many hours from afternoons to late hours playing frisbee five hundred. (It has other names, everyone is on one side and the person who is it is on the other side with the frisbee. They throw the frisbee towards the group and whoever catches it gets 100 points. Once someone gets to 500 they become it) I was pretty bad at it. We would hang our things in one of the near by trees and play for hours, till the sun went down. We had tons of fun playing, and got competitive to the point of injuries. I usually ducked out the drunker my classmates and teacher got. They would buy beer or wine at a little beer garden and continue drinking. If we weren’t playing frisbee five hundred then we were playing softball.





After a game we head out towards the beer garden. There was a larger one that was beautiful. We’d pass people rollerblading or walking their dogs. We would pick a table and play jeopardy on someone’s ipad and look out at the city. My classmates would be in the park a lot. I’d wake up and my unit mates would be gone, having bought a bottle of wine and found a nice place to just sit and write. It was unanimous though, at the end of our trip that the parks were one of our favorite spots to go and just hang out.

We would cut through the park on our way home a lot. My first day in Prague my roommates and I cut through the park on our way home from exploring. We’d walk home through it at all sorts of hours, something you can’t do in Chicago. The parks have hours where they are closed off from the public but in Prague they are always open.

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