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The American Girl Place Cafe is located at 835 N Michigan Ave. It is attached to the American Girl store.

When I was younger I loved American Girl dolls, which is interesting because I found dolls either creepy or I viewed them as collectors items to be kept in boxes until they were worth something. I had one doll, the historical Samantha doll, and even went to a summer program at my school about american girl dolls (which was an interesting change from my usual rocket club summer classes). The group took a weekend trip to Chicago to go to the American Girl cafe but I didn’t go.

A friend won some tickets to different restaurants in the city and amongst them was a meal at the American Girl cafe. Out of the friends who I went with I was the only one who was comfortable in the pink atmosphere. We were the only people without kids at our table.


The restaurant is set up so even if you didn’t bring a doll you could pick from shelves filled with them. You also pick out a little chair that is attached to the table.  The two dolls we picked out could join us for our meal.


All of our napkins were held together with hair bands. Next to it is a box with conversation starters and topics for the table.


As starters we were brought  iced rolls that looked like cinnamon rolls and didn’t taste much like cinnamon rolls.


Our appetizers were an artichoke dip, mini baked cheddar potatoes, cheese, cucumbers, stuffed tomatoes,  and  fried ravioli. My friends and I enjoyed the dips that we had to try. We also received some bread outside of the cinnamon rolls that we ate a lot of.


I got a tea for my drink.

DSC07855My dinner was a chicken potpie.


For dessert we each got a flower pot that was mousse with a cloth flower in it, a flower cookie, and a heart shaped cake. Since most of the children there, the girls were celebrating birthdays and they put candles in the heart shaped cake for them.



All the waiters and waitresses wore pink aprons and it was attached the American Girl Place that is two stories worth of shopping within/attached to Water Tower Place. I believe you have to make a reservation for the restaurant. Most of the food we got was bland. Almost everything was a large mixture of starch and sugar without much flavor.  The atmosphere was fun, especially for the little girls who were celebrating their birthdays, but I think I was the only one of my friends sort of having fun.

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