Český pivní festival

The Czech beer festival is an annual festival that happens for 17 days in May. Since it was happening while we were there we went often. The festival happens on the Holešovice Exhibition Grounds. We  went by crossing through the Stromovka park. The festival itself is free, but the beer and food required when I went tokens that can be purchased along with souvenirs  at tables inside the tents. They were called token thalers, but it seems they’ve changed their system to cards.



Since we went multiple times I got to eat a lot of the food, which I loved. One of the first things I tried were coffins with whipped cream and egg cognac which I loved. They were sort of a hard pastry that was hollow in the center, but a bit like a short bread cookie.



I also tried the garlic soup that came with baguettes (I had to fight off my classmates from eating my baguettes) They also served sausage that we enjoyed and of course a ton of beer. The main tent where we ordered our food and sat also included music and space to dance. Our waitresses were dressed in traditional clothing. There was another tent with beer from microbreweries. There were also a ton of bachelor parties all dressed up in theme, one of my favorites was a group of pirates.

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