Restaurace u Supa


While out wandering around I noticed a sign saying live Gypsy music that evening and was curious. Our teachers had told us about going out to little restaurants and bars and listening to music and how great it was, so several classmates and myself wanted to go.  It was a very musical night, but the restaurant we went to was disapointing. We went to Restaurace u Supa.

We sat outside in the back, which was very lovely, and the entire place gave off a fancy vibe. We glanced over the menu, but not being super hungry nor wanting to spend too much money I ordered potato dumplings, assuming and expecting something similar to potato pancakes, but instead I ended up with the dumplings that come with every stew like meal I had in Prague, and this probably was the point where I got sick of them.



I ate them all, but I could easily never eat another one of these again. The waitress came over with shots and asked if we wanted a welcome drink to Prague, we assumed they were complementary, but they were expensive. My classmates weren’t super fond of the shots, I didn’t try one.

There was live music, and the musicians wandered around playing music to each table, taking requests or playing music based off where people were from. Not much of it was traditional music. They also expected a tip and wouldn’t leave the table until they were tipped . A classmate pulled out money out of her purse so she could decide how much she wanted to tip them with, and they took everything from her hand and walked away.

I don’t know if the food in general is that good at Restaurace u Supa, but our experience there wasn’t great. It was a really expensive meal because we ended up paying for things we weren’t expecting to pay for. We felt tricked, especially since the music wasn’t even what we had been looking forward to. We didn’t know how to deal with what we were met with, and so it was a pretty bad experience. It felt like we fell into a tourist trap, maybe we did.

Restaurace u Supa is located at Celetná 563/22, 110 00 Praha 1.

The evening overall though wasn’t terrible. We ended up running into a lot of live music and performances out on the street. There was a group earlier before we went to the restaurant that had drawn a large crowd and was a ton of fun. After dinner when there wasn’t many people on the street and it was dark out we passed an elderly woman leaning against her wheel chair playing violin and singing. It was so beautiful.

There are certain places I would go to in Prague for live music. Those being festivals or U Maleho Glena. But the best places to see and listen to live music in Prague can just be performances on the streets. All you have to do is look out for crowds and follow your ears.

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