iCream cafe-closed


iCream cafe is located at 1537 North Milwaukee Avenue near the Blue Line Damen stop in Wicker Park. iCream is a fun little shop that you have to have patience with because you’re enjoying the science of food. They make ice cream, shakes, frozen yogurt, sorbet, and hot puddings. They have a sign on the wall and all you have to do is pick the flavors and add ons and what you want. First choose what you want: ice cream, shakes, frozen yogurt, sorbet, or pudding. You can have it organic, light, soy, non-fat or regular. Their yogurt though has a bit of the tanginess of real yogurt so they suggest fruity flavors for it.  They have a list of their flavors and you pick one or two, some of them have little notes as to whether they are good as a frozen yogurt or something else. My friends and I couldn’t decide and spent a long time mulling over what would go well together. I decided on going with ice cream, medium, with the flavors of cinnamon and vanilla bean. Then you pick any adds ons to be mixed in or toppings. These cost extra. I didn’t get any. Using liquid nitrogen machines the desserts are made fresh and on the spot for each person, designed by each individual.


My friends got (on left) vanilla bean and peach ice cream and (on the right) green tea, white chocolate, and white chocolate add-in frozen yogurt. I tried both and enjoyed them but liked my own the best. The green tea frozen yogurt had, as warned, an interesting tanginess to it.


I thought my cinnamon and vanilla bean concoction tasted a bit like horchata, so I was immensely happy with it. The ice cream, after I had finished it, left an interesting taste in my mouth that I’m unsure was a bad thing or not. We were debating getting something new as a shake, to go, but saw the amount of people who came in out of the heat and decided against it. Since each person gets their own individual masterpiece it can take awhile, especially if there are people in front of you in line. Luckily there are a few seats around to sit about.

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