Sanji’s ORESAMA Restaurant

After visiting the Tokyo Tower last year I really wanted to go back to check out Sanji’s restaurant. I went online and filled out a very easy in English reservation form and quickly was e-mailed back a confirmation. We were given a 70 minute window in which to enjoy the buffet which was plenty enough time.

20160810_181230 (1)

According to my friends the price is about average for a buffet, about $20. There was a variety of Japanese foods, a honey glazed ham, soups, rice, desserts and sodas. The walls were covered in pictures of Sanji and more themed then the Ghibli cafe. There were also lots of figurines and the food all was “character” inspired. Either based on food they liked or that had something to do with them. I enjoyed it more than the Cafe Mugiwara we went to last year. The food was good and the atmosphere was nice. Since the new movie was coming out they also had people wandering around with mini roulettes you could bet on in order to get a pass for the amusement park.


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