Sanuki Udon Hanamaru はなまるうどん 東池袋一丁目店

When I was visiting Tokyo my friend made sure to let me know of all the cheaper places to eat, and one of them was a cafeteria style udon shop. I ordered their Oroshi-syou-yu which is soy sauce udon in a cold small size for 200 yen with the addition of a tempura sweet potato. I added some ginger at their self serve station and got some water before sitting at one of their limited seats.


Their menu is a lot bigger and ranges in price from 130 to 650 yen with optional add-ons like tempura, raw or cooked egg, scallions and spicy cod roe. What I ordered was very basic, with one of my favorite tempura’s on the side and for me it was greatly filling and refreshing. But I also love udon. It’s a great chain restaurant if you’re on a budget or in a hurry.

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