Honeyhole 허니홀

After a dinner of all you can eat samgyeopsal (Not bad but all of the meat was totally frozen so I’m not adding it to my blog and I was too busy chatting, cooking and eating to take pictures in the cramped busy restaurant) we went on a hunt for a bar both of my new friends loved. A place called Honeyhole. This bar specializes in fun drinks and is located off the beaten path of Hongdae. It’s small, with a bar and a limited amount of seating but it was 10000000% worth it.

I’m still a person learning what kind of drinks I like and what I don’t like and to say everything I had here was delightful was an understatement or that this bar is my favorite bar in Korea is just now a fact.


Honeyhole does something fun. They have paper fordable menus that have house rules (be a good person) and that when you fully open it up is their menu. At the top of the menu they have their drink scale. What kind of drink do you like? Do you want something weak or strong? Sweet or sour? All of their drinks on the monthly menu will fall somewhere on that scale so you can choose something you’ll probably like. I like sweet drinks, things where when I try it I can’t tell their any alcohol. Aka the dangerous ones.

Honeyhole’s menu changes monthly. So what they offer in the way of cocktails will always be new and different. But they are willing to make old drinks or something off the menu if they can. But and this is a big but, all drinks are the same price, at least on the menu and it’s not cheap. They’re each 15,000 won.

I ordered two drinks. Milk tea and the Holiday Flip. The Milk Tea was earl gray infused Jameson Irish Whiskey with milk and earl grey syrup that was absolutely delightful. They even sprinkled some earl grey leaves on top.

alcoholic milk tea

My second drink, the Holiday Flip, I loved just as much and really wish I had had more time to sit and enjoy it. I realized belatedly that my Cinderella hour had hit and had to chug my drink, bid a fond farewell to my new friends, pay the bartender and bolt down the street to a taxi to try and catch the ITX home. (I failed, I was two minutes late due to traffic and had to take the last slow train home which I haven’t done in years, but thankfully I did eventually make it home before all the magic ran out and I got trapped in Seoul)

holiday flip

The holiday flip was Sailor Jerry spiced rum, cream, simple syrup, a whole egg, and nutmeg which is essentially a version of eggnog. Yes please! And they also served it in a cute little tea cup! 1000% my favorite aesthetic. The atmosphere was quiet, I could hear and understand my friends when they talked. It wasn’t too crowded. The drinks were good. Pretty much everything I wanted in a bar. Only downfall, not a ton of space and everything is a bit expensive. But I still loved it.

Honeyhole opens at 7pm Monday through Thursday and at 5pm Friday through Sunday. They don’t close until 3am (every day of the week). Last call is at 2:30am.

If you want to learn more or find the seasonal menu you can scroll down on the English page of their website and you should be able to find it.


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