Aladdin 알라딘

Aladdin 알라딘

When I try to find books to read while in Korea I usually just go to What the Book, mostly because I've been tricked by spotting Kyobo so many times only to find that it's not their bookstore but an insurance agency or something else. But while in Daejeon, after introducing me to ridiculously delicious [...]

What the Book? (closed Oct 2019)

A friend of mine met up with me in Seoul and wanted to check out a bookstore. He suggested What the book? in Itaewon. It's up on the 2nd floor. The entire store sells English books, children's books, comics, language study books, adult coloring books and used books. It was terrible. I was hoping after spending [...]


Mitsuwa is a Japanese marketplace in the suburbs of Chicago at 100 East Algonquin Road  in Arlington Heights. There are several other Mitskwa's spread out in California and one in New Jersey. Mitsuwa includes a bookstore, video shop, grocery, food court, and bakery. On weekends they tend to have special events. Books Kinokuniya I always [...]

Virginia-Shops in Staunton

One late afternoon we headed back to Stanton to see a show, but we arrived early so that we could explore downtown a bit. The Dragon's Hoard 17 East Johnson StreetThe Dragon's Hoard caught me by the title. It's near Pufferbellies and sells board games, cards, modeling supplies, dice and other gaming supplies. Pufferbellies: Toys [...]

The Book Cellar

The Book Cellar is an independent bookstore located at 4736 North Lincoln Avenue in Lincoln Square. The Book Cellar is another one of those bookshops my department talks about a lot. They tend to be the bookstore selling books at author events, especially ones at Storyweek. I went with a friend to just check it [...]

Bucket o’Blood

Bucket o'Blood is located at 2307 North Milwaukee Avenue near the California Blue Line stop in Logan Square.  Bucket o'Blood is an independent genre used Book and Record shop specializing in speculative fiction, horror, fantasy, and science fiction. It's a small shop but a great place to pick up genre fiction or look at records.

The Gallery Bookstore

The Gallery Bookstore is located in Boystown off the Belmont Red/Brown Line at 923 West Belmont Avenue. This independent bookstore opened in 1927 and buy and sells used books and magazines. They also sell a variety of rare and antique books. They house a wide variety and large selection of genre books and the stacks are [...]

Women and Children First

Women and Children First is an independent bookstore located at 5233 North Clark Street . It opened in 1979 and is the largest feminist bookstore in the United States. The shop is a diverse bookstore promoting books written by women, children's books, and LGBTQ literature. Women and Children First bookstore is one of the bookstores [...]