Jooo’s Dimsum + Noodle 쮸즈 jooos 딤섬+누들


One of the main stops on our food extravaganza (which due to time constraints and our ability to eat got shortened a bit) was to go to Jooo’s. Jooo’s is in Garosugil and had a little note on their door saying they’d be open for dinner at 5pm, which we found at 11am. We had plans to be there at 4:30, but due to unforeseen circumstances problems getting an ITX ticket we got there a little late.


Jooo’s Dimsum and Noodles is tiny. With a grand total of maybe 4 tables and enough seating for a max of 16 people there is a constant line of people waiting. While we waited in line we were given a menu and put in our order so that they could serve us immediately. We were lucky and were seated by the window (next to the heater) and brought a light tea that I probably single-handedly demolished while Mika had beer. We tried four different dumplings  and a noodles dish.

I ordered the vegetable spring rolls  which only came with two.


And Pork dumplings. I liked both, but preferred the pork dumplings.


Mika ordered Shu Mai and the spicy dumplings

left (shu mai) 쇼마이 / right spicy 매콤완탕

I couldn’t handle the spicy dumplings and there was just something about the shrimp one that both Mika and I weren’t fond of. The soup, despite having little peppers next to it on the menu was just at the level of spice I could handle, mostly because it was buried under a tasty peanut sauce.

딴딴면 I was so worried, look how red that is, doesn’t it seem spicy?

Honestly I would suggest getting to Jooo’s early for lunch. The food is cheap and they’re fast to get it to you, but it’s not really a big meal, especially if you split it. It was perfect for me since we’d been eating all day and had only just finished a ton of hot chocolate and brownies, but if I’d been starving I’m not sure the long line and taster portions of dumplings would have been enough. Though I might have ordered my own soup/noodles at that point. The noodles were really good and my favorite part of our meal.

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