Mercy Juice

One of the reasons we were in Garosugil in Gangam was because Mika wanted to try and do a healthy juice detox and wanted to stop by Mercy Juice. I didn't really know what to expect, too full from burgers and milkshakes to even think about sitting and drinking at a juice bar. Luckily though, [...]

Cafe Mugiwara

When we'd visited the Tokyo Tower the evening before we passed a One Piece themed shop and cafe and I really wanted to go back and see them when they were open. So after trying on Yukata's in Harujuku we headed back to the Tokyo Tower to have lunch. We grabbed a menu and waited in [...]

Shinsegae: The World’s Largest Department Store 신세계 센텀시티

Saturday our first stop was Shinsegae: The World's Largest Department Store. It's easy to get to from Centrum City Station off of line 2. It has it's own movie theater, amusement park, ice skating rink, golf course, and spa amongst all the shops and restaurants. Nathalie and I first went around the first floor to [...]


Allyu is a health spa located at 600 West Chicago Avenue. I recently had the opportunity to go and get a tour of the facilities after hearing a lot about it from a friend. I was offered tea, I asked for ginger, and switched my shoes out for sandals. I hung up all my stuff [...]


Timbuk2 is located at 1623 North Damen Avenue. There are a few stores in other places (such as Singapore, Seattle, and San Franscisco) The shop was started in San Fanscisco by a bike messenger and has grown since. They mostly make bags. I had heard about them because they hosted what sounded like a fun shop opening, [...]