Shakespeare’s Globe Theater

We used the London Pass first on the Globe. It was packed, since it was a school day there were tons of children in school groups running around and huge line of people at the front desk trying to get in. A trip to the Globe can be split into three options. We did two [...]


Virginia-Belle Grove Plantation

Belle Grove Plantation is a historic 1797 Manor House that housed Major Issac Hite and his family along with the land. The site is broken into two parts, the house and the land. The house has a paid tour of the indoor space, none of which is air conditioned and it also includes a film that [...]

Total London Experience Tour: St. Paul’s Cathedral

On our second day in London after grabbing pastries for breakfast we headed to the Golden Tours office  to meet up with our group for the Total London Experience tour. We found our line and got in it and waited. The Total London Experience Tour with Golden Tours includes seeing Westminster Abbey, The Changing of [...]

Missouri- Meramec Caverns

I haven't sat still for long this summer. I'm a bit surprised. So expect to see posts about all of mini US summer road trips on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays. First stop Missouri to the Meramec Caverns. My aunt loves camping and the outdoors, my uncle and cousins not so much. The packed everything into [...]

U Kalicha and The Good Soldier Švejk

There are, in Prague a lot of Good Solider Švejk restaurants.  One of my teachers was friends with a tour guide who I would run into while she was guiding tours and she decided to show all of us the best restaurant to go to for Good Solider Švejk, U Kalicha or The Goblet. We had been [...]

Český Krumlov

Our last tour of our trip was to Český Krumlov. A beautiful 13th Century city that's been being restored over the past decade. The Vlatava river cuts through the city and brings a lot of people for canoe trips, however there is a section of the river that isn't safe, and when we went to Český Krumlov that [...]


One of our teachers who had been hosting yoga in the parks in the morning offered to take us to Vyšehrad.  Vyšehrad includes a huge park that our teacher wanted us to do yoga in but she also wanted to show us the birthplace of Prague. We saw a couple wedding processions at the St. Peter and St. [...]

Noc Kostelu and Noc Museum

One of the events that one of our teachers told us about while we were in Prague was Noc Kostelu, Night of Churches. On this night many churches throughout the city are open for free. Usually the churches cost money to go into and look around. So Noc Kostelu is a great way to get [...]